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Embie Design

We are Matt and Meg. We are originally from Vancouver, Washington and moved out to Atlanta, Georgia in 2010.
We are married and have an adorable toddler and a cat named Harleigh. 

Northwest to Southeast

After months throwing around ideas about starting up a business we decided to open an Etsy shop and just see how it went. We had previously designed everything for our wedding - invites, save the dates, place cards, menus etc... and really enjoyed the design process. 

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Our first few months were very slow, but everything eventually picked up into steady business. We recently decided to try to expand our growth and get our own website, which we launched in the end of 2013. 

We have catered our business towards our design interests - invitations, wall art, nursery art and party decor. Meg gives most of the art direction and Matt does most of the graphic design (and sometimes the other way around!). A combination of our input gives what we believe to be a unique and affordable product. 

Thanks for checking out our website - please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about anything in our shop! 

Matt & Meg

Embie Design